6472471746 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-247-1746, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-04-25 15:35:09
  • Kelsey

This company fake fake call about new bogus numbers every week so you can call back.  The dial using a computer aided auto dialer.  Button 9 only confirmed your number is valid and adds it to their telemarketing data base 1 press does the same but puts fake survey trying to get your address credit card information... A reverse lookup on 1 last week a user has posted valid Web link information about the identification the culprits behind IND SURVEY GROUP and the fake cruise/fake survey a known fraudulent timeshare companies.  The relevant parts of the article are listed below.  Of particular interest both to the ripoff report which outlines run all the fraudulent timeshare company/name owned by the Berkley not the consulting company in Canada but the Florida timeshare sales Corporation and the class action lawsuit U.S./Florida http //com/Phone.aspx/1 778 785 6230/2 group.  The links seem to be genuine. The owner s of this spam/scam line owned by the Berkley group is 3015 N. Ocean BL. ft. Lauderdale FL. They represent political opinions of America often as independant Survey Group www.independantsurveygroup.org AKA a barely veiled polling site that wants to pay your credit card for a free ride a partner in amounted to Carribean Cruise Lines not to confuse 301 is Broadway in Riviera Beach FL 33404 with RCCL here are sites with information about them including phone numbers please call over and over and over... http / / www.timesharepartners.com/BerkleyGroupTimeshare/tabid/81/Default.aspx. http / / www.ripoffreport.com/time share developer / Berkley group that Berkley group et al. describe the actual class conne czz35.htm and this site https //docs.google.com/file/d/0B5BJntLy5bAODFlb05lTTRnSUE/edit?pli1 are all welcome.


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